Selected virtual productions

Bring any location to the studio

Using realtime engines and LED-screens, we are able to create any environment in the background of your studio shoot. Our camera tracker gives the environment depth as the camera moves around the set. Matching the lighting will seamlessly blend the actors into the scene and remove the need for green screens and keying.

A camera filming a person jogging in front of an LED screen

Create any environment in the studio

Combining the newest game engine technology with large LED-screens and 3D trackers, we can instantly match the background with whatever is happening in the foreground. The camera tells the computer its position and rotation every fraction of a second,  enabling the computer move the elements to match and create the illusion of depth.

The virtual production technology has been used on several shoots over the last few years, most notably on the TV-series Mandalorian, set in the Star Wars universe. It allowed the crew to create all of the vast variations of environments from different planets without needing to leave the studio.

We have developed our own set of tools to make this as smooth as possible for any studio production, and used it for the production of the music video Blitz by Isah, several tv-series and feature films.

A woman with a diademe in front of hundreds of TVs
Make your productions better.
Move your productions in front of our screen for a safer, smoother production experience.