Selected animations

A filmreel surrounded by windmills, a tug, an ROV and some fish

Making it pop

Animation can bring your ideas to life. We will help you create a story that will enlighten, entertain and engage the audience. Motion graphics, music, and perhaps a voice-over can help explain even the most complex ideas.

Visual stories that engage

An animation shows how a product or service makes things better, either by solving a problem or expanding the horizon of things that are possible.  For innovation to work, people need to understand it, and this is where animation becomes an invaluable tool. If one image can say 1000 words, then one second of animation can say 24000. Pacing is important, as the human brain is only capable of a limited amount of input every minute. We will therefore guide you to the right amount of information with the right style, so that the message will stick.

The Animation Process

When working with us, you become a part of our team and we share the common goal of meeting the needs of the end-user. In order to ensure optimal project execution with no waste of time and effort, we have developed a process with five phases, each completed before the next can begin.

Step 1


The first part of the process is creating a brief. This is a document that highlights the needs and constraints of the client, to give the project a purpose and limitations to work within. A deadline and/or a budget will help us set the expectations of the quality we should aim for.
If you already have all the input you think we need, why not create a brief here: 

Create brief
Step 2

Project proposal

Once we have ideated and gathered some examples of what we think will meet the needs, we will create a project proposal. This will contain the scope of work, deliverables, a timeline with milestones, a budget, and our terms and conditions. Signing this will get the project going.

Step 3


We aim to have as many changes as possible in the pre-production phase, so that the timing, content, and overall experience are well defined before we roll up our sleeves and get producing. When planning animations, we create a script, assemble a mood board, then a storyboard, and finally an animatic, a simplified video with music and a voiceover. When creating an interactive experience, we will usually generate flowcharts and a prototype.

Step 4


Modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, lighting, rendering, and development are all parts of the production phase. We create everything as specified in the pre-production phase, always with the purpose and desired quality in mind. Not many changes are allowed in this phase, but if we have questions or anything is unclear, we will be in touch.

Step 5


Once we have the content in place, we will put together a rough cut or a beta in order to ensure we are on the right track. Any minor changes are welcome here, but things that are not in scope will have an impact on the budget.



When necessary changes have been made for a stunning result, we deliver the animation in the desired formats, lean back and enjoy the weekend.

Model Optimization

A bunny in a hat surrounded by models in various polygon counts

Make 3D models game ready

During our decades of experience working with complex models, we have developed many tools and techniques for reducing and optimizing polygons.

Making 3D models usable in any application

We have 20 years of experience taking models from CAD software, such as SolidWorks, Creo and Inventor, and getting them ready for animation and interactive applications. By reducing the number of polygons where they are not visible and baking details into the texture, we make the files smaller and the models more readable in render-intensive processes.

Two fancy chairs

Create awe in your audience

We also create illustrations that explain a concept in one frame.

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Create understanding.
Give your ideas the attention, understanding and traction they deserve.