Fish farming

The Brief

In order to supply fish to the farms along the coast, eggs and fry need to be incubated and tended. CompHatch is a system that gives the eggs optimal conditions for healthy growth which is easy to maintain and clean. In 2020, the CompHatch system was redesigned using computational fluid dynamics to optimize the flow of water through the trays. The parts were combined and simplified to enable injection molding and simplify cleaning.


Since this also gives more space between the trays, it allows for installation of an automatic robot tending system, which will analyze the eggs and use machine learning to sort and extract the unhealthy and dead eggs, making the fry more prone to survive.


We created the story and visuals to communicate these improvements in a bright, clean setting, contrasting the red eggs with the blue trays. We used simple effects to highlight the flow of water and computer analysis. We needed to creatively work out how scanning and sorting the eggs would be done in order to make the animation realistic. We took some shortcuts, but are confident the video conveys the concept clearly.