Selected interactive projects

Explore on your own

We create interactive experiences that let the user explore your concepts at their own pace, so they have the time to understand your idea.

A tablet surrounded by a teacher, a museum and some touch screens

Learning by doing

When the user can interact and explore a concept using their hands or other input devices, they are in control of the pace and are more likely to grasp the information they are seeing. A sprinkle of sound, gamification, and humor makes the experience more enjoyable and motivates the user to stay longer. We create experiences for the web, mobiles, iPads, and touchscreens, whatever makes more sense for the end-user.

An expo stand with touch screens
A VR-headset surrounded by people using VR apps

Virtual reality

Using a virtual reality headset, you can bring the user into another world, where you define the rules and set the goals.

Build a universe around the viewer

VR surrounds the user and takes them to another place entirely. This can be a place for learning, a place for excitement, or a mind-altering experience where the laws of physics are bent and broken. From showing off an apartment that hasn't been built yet, to standing on a windmill on Mars, we create experiences that take you out of the office environment and into a world where everything is possible.

A person standing in front of a subsea visualization

Augmented Reality

A layer of imagination

Use the phone as a portal to another dimension, as a layer on top of our reality. Bring in 3D elements or add useful information to existing objects.

Injecting information and objects to the real world

Where virtual reality (VR) takes you out of this world, augmented reality (AR) brings digital information and objects into this one. Either viewing the world through a pair of AR-glasses or any modern smartphone, we add a layer on top, injecting stories and revealing knowledge right where it belongs.

A person with AR goggles moving a holographic part
Immerse your audience
Let's build a universe where users can explore your ideas in their own pace.