Norway’s deepest field development

Aker Solutions


At a water depth of 1300 meters and boosting the largest spar platform in the world,  Aasta Hansteen is truly a pioneering project on the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS).  The field development concept consists of a floating spar platform which is 339 meters tall and weighs 70 000 tonnes with a vertical cylindrical substructure moored to the seabed. Gas is produced from seven wells in three subsea templates and then transported 484 kilometers via the Polarled pipeline to Nyhamna terminal in Møre og Romsdal county for further export to the UK.


As a longtime partner Xvision was approach by Aker Solutions (AS) in 2014 to produce documentation for the Aasta Hansteen project.   The objective was to deliver an extensive overview of systems and equipment delivered by AS to the Aasta Hansteen field. In all Xvision would produce technical procedural animations of installations,  handbooks, and posters where the end customer would be Equinor.


The first phase of the project was to get the input data from AS and then prepare it for our pipeline.  We started by importing Solidworks step data and other Cad data coming from the client into our inhouse pipeline and then optimize it for a more fluid workflow.  Models get imported, optimized, textured, and rigged for animation.  In one animation file, we can be showing all of the Wellhead stack-up, running tools, XMT, Template, Manifold, BOP, ROV,  flow lines, etc.  Xvision has along experience and proven track record working with this kind of complexity.  Having a wide portfolio of past subsea projects means we know the terminology and lingo used in the industry. It also helps us understand the client's need. All this makes for a faster turnaround for everyone involved. 

The animation process starts with a storyboard provide by the client.  It can help the production a lot that the storyboard has good detail and is to the point.  This can be quite challenging when it comes to technical procedural animation though.  One factor is the complexity of the operations and another thing is the process, which often is not set in stone.  Changes in models and updates on procedures can be quite common.   Here is where our streamlined workflow and our experience come into play.  Making updates (iteration) faster and easing out some of the workload on the client-side.


Technical procedural animations and other visual documentation like handbooks and posters. Can help the industry communicate their ideas and plans more efficiently throughout there pipeline. From pre-planning to engineering to offshore work installations, visual communication can add value where it counts the most. Not only in high-level decision making but also equally for learning and overall understanding of the task in hand.