Individualized Aquaculture

Fish farming


In 2015 BioSort started the concept development of iFarm. The concept was still encapsulated in their minds, and they needed visualization to take the next steps towards investors and fund raising.


Biosort needed better visualization, 3D animation and storytelling to convey the message behind their concept. The concept was genius - but complex, and therefore hard to pitch efficiently without the help of visual explanation.


Xvision helped out with conceptual product design from an early phase, 3D modeling the systems and machines together with the client at a creative and efficient, conceptual level.Based on these basic 3D models we were able to produce images and animations, explaining the concept and key value propositions in an easy to understand manner.


With an explainer animation and a powerful presentation, Biosort was able to pitch their concept in an easy to understand and efficient way for investors and funding partners.

Xvision’s knowledge of the product grew together with Biosort’s growth as a company, and we continuously improved the designs and message together through different phases, searching for political permits, new investments and so on.


  • Investments and funding were achieved quickly after we finished the first iteration of visualizations.
  • Huge media traction worldwide
  • Cermaq joins the team
  • The iFarm concept  was awarded 4 development licences from the Directorate of Fisheries and was the only sensor based concept that got development licenses.
  • Cermaq invests NOK 580 million in iFarm