Xvision started in 1999 and one of our first clients was Aker and Kværner who were planning to install a number of Subsea projects and wanted a way to communicate and educate their clients on both products and procedures. 3D animations became the preferred way to do this and even to this day we still serve this marketplace.  

Since that time we have worked with nearly 100 projects per year, ranging from city planning and the property market to large scale subsea projects. These projects give us a wealth of experience and a great understanding of best practices and terminology.

Based on the hundreds of projects, we have built a valuable insight into the best way to use visualization to communicate. It is all this experience we wish to bring to bear on your project.

Xvision is a Norwegian company based in Oslo, Norway.



Kongens gate 11

0153 Oslo, Norway

Tlf: (+47) 92 88 76 60 

Mail: Post@xvision.no

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